How to secure whatsApp in simple steps 2018

How to secure whatsApp in simple steps

Whatsapp company can secure our data?

Yes, Whatsapp Company It is enabled by default and can not be turned off. Encryption ensures that your messages can be read only on the recipient’s phone. it is the same for voice and video calls, both of which are end-to-end encrypted. read this full tutorial how to secure WhatsApp in simple steps

but some people ignore some important steps to secure WhatsApp.they don’t know how to more secure WhatsApp.don’t worry we are here just follow these simple tricks How to secure WhatsApp in simple steps

How to secure WhatsApp in simple steps

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1.Enable Two-step verification

To secure your WhatsApp do enable two-step verification. if someone tries to log in then needed your WhatsApp 6 digit pin when you register your phone number with WhatsApp.

To active, go to Menu > Settings > Account > Two-step verifications > enabled

you have to create 6 digit pin, enter confirm add your valid email address and re-add to confirm .now two-step verification is is the most important thing if you forget your pin then reset it by using this email.


2.Protect your profile information on WhatsApp

It gives users at least some control to hide your privacy. Set who can see your profile information like last seen, profile photo, about, status and live location. You can also turn off the read receipts(Blue check marks) but you will not be able to see the read receipts from other people.

 3. Turn on show security notifications

If someone accesses your existing chat, a new security code generated for both phones. When security code changes, Whatsapp can send a notification.

Go to Settings > Account > Security

How to secure whatsApp in simple steps 2018

4. Do not use public WIFI

Do not use public free WiFi to use WhatsApp it has chances to hack. the hacker can easily access your chats with a unique MAC address.

5. Don’t forget to log out from

Sometimes we use WhatsApp on laptops or PC but forget to log out from you out of there, you can log out from your do log out in the pc or laptop.

Go to WhatsApp > WhatsApp web > click log out from all devices. also, you can see your last active time and Which browser was used.

How to secure whatsApp in simple steps 2018

6. Always keep your Whatsapp lock

Always keep lock your phone by using password, pattern or pin.there is no setting to lock WhatsApp but you can use another security android app. We do not recommend install any other third party app. Unfortunately, There is no way to lock WhatsApp through other apps on the iPhone.

7. Always use updated App

If update notification arrives, click Update and use always updated WhatsApp messenger for better features and security.

8. Don’t download and install third-party WhatsApp

Nowadays, some people install third-party WhatsApp to get more features. Do not do this, hackers can steal your personal data. Always use official WhatsApp messenger.




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